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Personal website of John W. Higgins
established 1996...
learning simple HTML coding through
a chilly, wet winter on Cyprus ...
not really upgrading much through the years ...
and too cheap to pay for a "secure SSL" certificate...

  Digital Storytelling
Information about and resources for Digital Storytelling.
   Photo of   Writings, Projects, and Research Interests; Contact Info
Includes writings related to storytelling and community-based media; contact information.
Photo of Turkish Cypriot  

Cypriot Voices
Oral histories of family and neighbors collected by students at Eastern Mediterranean University (1996) and the University of Cyprus (2010).

  Photo of puppet show   Night Vision Puppets  
San Francisco ...
35 years of street theatre.
Photo of Turkish Cypriot family  

Storytelling Projects

University of San Francisco
Personal digital stories by USF students, 2013-now

  obie and creep in graveyard   Shock Theatre  
Broadcast TV horror movie program with local skits and parodies, 1972 to 1985.
Nicosia, Cyprus
Personal digital stories created 2008, 2010, and 2011
by workshop participants at Cypriot universities,
civil society organizations, the Cyprus Community Media Centre,
and the Cyprus Fulbright Commission

Menlo College
Personal digital stories and programs
created by students, 2001-2010


Curated Items on Scoop.It  

USF Student Projects
Projects and stories created by students at
the University of San Francisco 2012-now

Unplugging: Digital Detox
Articles related to unplugging the digital world
and cultivating mindfulness, calmness

Digital Storytelling Conference 2022
Rise Up!

Loughborough UK
Presentation Materials:
"Reconnecting with Self through Digital Storytelling -
for Student Service-Learning/ Community-Engaged Learning


Banned by University of San Francisco management from discussion at the OURMedia/NUESTROSMedios 2019 Brussels conference;
charges pending against USF managment by NLRB in 2022:
    Checking Your Privilege: Challenging Tenured Faculty's Hegemony
    Over the Majority Part-Timers in the Campus `Gig' Economy


Archived Resources:

Community Media White Papers   Archived White Papers for Alliance for Community Media (ACM) conferences and Community Media Review issue on Access Philosophy, 2001-2003.
Community Media Review /Community Television Review 
Archived publication from the Alliance for Community Media (ACM), formerly the National Federation of Local Cable Programmers (NFLCP). Available from the Internet Archive. 1978-2010.
OURmedia Papers  Archived papers from OURmedia conferences 2001-2004.
OURMedia/NuestrosMedios   Archived 2013 meeting in Dublin. Network of activists, scholars and practitioners engaged in grassroots, community, alternative media. OUR-media.org


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