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Menlo College Selected Student Web Projects

Created by students in MIS 070: Web Design, Depts. of Mass Communication and Management Information Systems

(ARCHIVED PAGE -- Web sites are no longer available.)

Skylinks Travel
Samit Choksi & Sy Michelo
Menlo Hawaii Club
Jen Goto & Gaston d'Ansembourg
Menlo College Asian Club
Marvin Kamshing Chan & Karen Chung
Blue Marina
Mariana Tikhanina
Meo Pets
Sha Liang
Menlo College Student Government
Alexia Guirola
Menlo Surf Club
Brian Ahmann & Rendy Soedarjo
Menlo Outdoor Club
Kristen Heiden and Nancy Kamau
Raymundo-Garcia Companies
Victoria Raymundo
Menlo College Video Club
Jeramy Gordon & Christina Lopes

(ARCHIVED PAGE -- Web sites are no longer available.)

Some aspects of these sites may not appear as originally constructed by students.
That's because these files have been transferred to this server for archiving, and may have been changed in transit by the transferring program.


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Student Media Projects  

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