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Cyprus Histories: Personal and Scholarly

  Here are contemporary histories of Cyprus, with a focus on the circumstances leading to the division of the island between the Greek Cypriot South, and the Turkish Cypriot North, as well as the possibilities of a reunified island. (Started in 1996, updated in 2010, these resources are not regularly updated)  

Oral Histories

The 1996 and 2010 projects are described and discussed in “Self-reflexivity in Oral histories: Pedagogical Practices in Cypriot University Classrooms. Chapter in Oral History in Cyprus, Ed. Holger Briel.  Nicosia: U. of Nicosia.  2013..



  • "The Cyprus Conflict  An excellent educational web site exploring many aspects of the issues related to Cyprus, with an eye to peace-building efforts between Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities. (site inactive 2019: http://www.cyprus-conflict.net)



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