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NIGHT VISIONS -- the shaman, or medicine man / woman / healer / sorcerer, leaps around the fire...
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. . . creating magic through the power of a mask. It is to here the ancient art of puppetry traces its roots.
  Centuries ago, using the streets as their theater, vagabond puppeteers wandered the countryside of Europe and Asia, taking their performances directly to audiences in the markets. These old time puppeteers had to keep their act simple, to enable the troupe to travel lightly -- often to elude the clutches of the law.


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  Carl Lindstrom woodcut, 1836, walking puppeteer
Woodcut by Carl Lindstrom, Naples -- circa 1836 (?)
  In recreating the magic of the old-time street puppeteers, the NIGHT VISION PUPPETS trademark have utilized a modern concept -- the "Walking Stage."trademark A unique backpack-like design of tubes and burlap, the "Walking Stage"trademark allows the puppets to walk among the audience and interact directly with the crowd.

Performances depend a great deal on the participation of the audience. No script is used; shows follow a basic outline and the rest is improvised. This allows each performance to be fresh and alive, with the audience helping to create the outcome.

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  So join with NIGHT VISION PUPPETS trademark in creating the atmosphere and excitement enjoyed in the streets and markets of Europe and Asia centuries ago. Let loose -- cheer, boo, shout! A fragment of life in miniature is unfolding before you. It requires your contribution of energy to keep it alive.

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