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Personal Stories from Greek Cypriots:
Living with Turkish Cypriot Neighbors before 1963

A "Cultural Memory of Peace" (1)


  • Mr. Andreas. "They were also Cypriots like us . . ."
  • Mr. G."I will never regret any special bonding that I developed with the Turkish Cypriots."
  • Mrs. Spyroula "I wish we can live again together and live happily."
  • Mrs. Eleni.  "Vital friendships came up through that period"
  • Mrs. Anna.  "This is your house and if you come back to Lapithos, you are the one who is going to live here, not me."

    (1) Term from Louise Diamond, Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy



  Stories from Turkish Cypriots: Living with Greek Cypriot Neighbors  
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