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Digital Storytelling


Digital Storytelling:
Selected Sites and Resources

The sites below have plenty of excellent resources for anyone creating, studying or teaching digital storytelling.

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Selected Resources

The Story Center (formerly the Center for Digital Storytelling)Berkeley, CA, USA
"The Story Center is [an] . . . arts organization rooted in the art of personal storytelling. We assist young people and adults in using the tools of digital media to craft, record, share, and value the stories of individuals and communities, in ways that improve all our lives."  
The site includes digital stories to watch, resources, workshop schedules, and a great "how-to" guide, The Digital Storytelling Cookbook.


"Digital Storytelling Cookbook"
A "how-to" guide from the The Story Center. Additional resources and links are available on the CDS site. Scroll down for a free preview copy (partial). Buy the full Cookbook.



"The Art, Skill, Craft, and Magic of Digital Storytelling: A How-Come, How-To Guide, 2008 Edition"
from KQED TV (San Francisco, USA), Digital Storytelling Initiative, directed by Leslie Rule.


BBC Capture Wales Wales, UK
"Capture Wales is the BBC's award-winning Digital Storytelling project which came out of a partnership formed in 2001 between BBC Wales and Cardiff University.

BBC Capture Wales ran monthly workshops from 2001 - February 2008, facilitating people in the making of their digital stories. In this section you can watch the wealth of stories that were created on workshops during that period. "

The site includes digital stories to watch, resources, and the "how-to" guide, A Guide to Digital Storytelling by members of the BBC Capture Wales / Cipolwg ar Gymru Team"

"A Guide to Digital Storytelling by members of the BBC Capture Wales / Cipolwg ar Gymru team"
from the BBC.

Story Corps
Selected Print Resources

Lambert, Joe, and Brooke Hessler. 2018. Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community.5th ed.New York: Routledge.

Hartley, John, and Kelly McWilliam. 2009. Story Circle: Digital Storytelling around the World. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.


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