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Student Media Projects
Menlo College 2001-2010

Digital Storytelling and other video projects (2005-2010)

Comic Life: Graphic Novel Reports on "Digital Detox" (2009)

Menlo MediaScape (2007)

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MCtv -- YouTube Channel
(selected programs under 10 minutes)
and organized into thematic playlists

and are
available as video podcasts through the iTunes Store
iTunes Store -- "podcasts" -- search: "Menlo College" or "MCtv")

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Digital Storytelling
Personal stories of change
Digital Storytelling Playlist
http://www.youtube.com/menlotv -- "Digital Storytelling" playlist

photo from Menlo College events

Narrative and Non-narrative
Short features
Non-Fiction Playlist
http://www.youtube.com/menlotv -- "Non-Fiction" playlist
Narrative Playlist

http://www.youtube.com/menlotv -- "MCtv Fiction" playlist
image from video

Events and Series
Campus events and program series
Events Playlist
photo from Menlo College events
http://www.youtube.com/menlotv -- "MCtv Events" playlist

Comic Life:
Reports and videos on "Digital Detox"

The assignment: go 24 hours with NO electronics: cell phone, computer, tv, radio, internet, mp3 player, ipod, etc., etc., etc. Then write a non-traditional, self-reflexive "report," using Comic Life. Some of the finished projects were printed comics books, some used Comic Life's ability to export a finished movie.

The projects were exhibited at the campus library, included with digital stories and oral histories in a campus discussion of "The Stories of Our Lives."

Below are a few samples from Fall 2009. The pdf files are reduced quality for faster downloading.

Nick: comic book [pdf, 2.8MB]
  Amanda: comic book [pdf, 1.8MB]
Nick: movie [QuickTime, 2.4MB]
  Amanda: movie   [QuickTime, 1.4MB]
Andrew: comic book   [pdf, 2.4MB]
  Travis: comic book   [pdf, 2.6MB]
Andrew: movie   [QuickTime, 2.7MB]
  Travis: movie   [QuickTime, 2.2MB]

Emma: comic book   [pdf, 799KB]
Emma: movie   [QuickTime, 1.1MB

  [image: from Emma's comic book]life without media

[image: Stories on display at campus library exhibit]

campus display


Menlo MediaScape (archived, 2007)
Campus-based histories of Menlo College
using a hand-held GPS device

HP hand-held device

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