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Menlo MediaScape

Menlo College History -- Phase 1 of a work in progress

  • Creating Menlo MediaScape
    photos, video, description and analysis --
    including why the GPS portion did not work
    in this phase

logo of menlo mediascape


   photo of menlo old gym
                  courtesy of Google Earth

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The Project:

photo of hand-held device
mobille device

In Spring 2007, initial planning and production began on "Menlo MediaScape," a multi-media project that tells stories from the history of the Menlo College. There are two outlets for these stories:

One venue uses a mobile GPS hand-held device or Windows Mobile-based "smart phone" to tell the stories as you walk around the campus. The stories are triggered when you walk into the zone of a particular GPS coordinate -- say, as you pass by the student union.

The second venue is web-based. Clicking markers on the campus map brings up the story. The first phase of this web portion of the project is available now as a work in progress.

An analysis of the project -- including discussion of why the GPS portion did not work as smoothly as desired -- can be found in the "Creating Menlo MediaScape" page.

HERE -- The web portion
of the project

image of menlo mediascape-web
HERE -- The web portion
of the project

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The Development Team:


The initial project team included students drawn from MCM 130: New Communication Technologies,
MCM 128: Advanced Video Production, and MCM 199: Independent Directed Research

photo of project team
photo of terry--development team
Research and Script
Travis Correa
Marty Lichter
Terry Naputi

Media Production
Travis Correa
Terry Naputi
Gloria Martinez
Kyle Farnham

Programming — Hand-held mobile device
Marty Lichter

Web Site  
Gloria Martinez

Special Thanks for assistance with research:
Andrea Lee, Bowman Library
Dorothy Skala, Advancement Office

Executive Producer
John Higgins, Dept. of Mass Communication


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Based on Work By...

Menlo MediaScape is based on expanded notions of digital storytelling that focus on neighborhoods and locations in which the stories occur.
(What is digital storytelling?  See the section describing digital storytelling, view Menlo College student projects, and explore other digital storytelling sites.)

Digital storytelling involves everyday people telling their stories of significance -- transcendence, transformation -- using basic media tools.

Basing these stories in specific geographic locations goes by a variety of terms:
"media scaping"
“story mapping”
“place-based storytelling”
“situated storytelling”
"location-based storytelling"


Center for Digital Storytelling, Berkeley
Center for what has become known as "digital storytelling"

A project of the Center for Digital Storytelling focusing on
neighborhood-based, geographically located stories.
Note "projects" and "resources
Mobile Bristol
Project involving University of Bristol (UK) and Hewlett-Packard that developed GPS-based software for “situated storytelling” on hand-held device (HP iPaq), 2002-2005
KQED TV's  Digital Storytelling Initiative
Pulling together the digital storytelling community in San Francisco;  neighborhood location for "Scape the Hood" -- using HP's Ipaq pocket PC and GPS to create an audio walking tour of the Mission neighborhood near KQED in San Francisco.
(HP Labs report on "Scape the Hood")
photo menlo old dining hall
photo of old football field
photo of students in menlo old union
photo of menlo college old lunchroom

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Creating Menlo MediaScape
photos, video, description and analysis -- including why the GPS portion did not work in this phase


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