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The best way to get an idea of the impact of digital storytelling is to watch examples. The sites below offer a wide variety of story content and styles to inspire the viewer and storyteller creator.


Fulbright Digital Storytelling Project, Nicosia Cyprus, 2010
Digital Stories created fall 2010 by workshop participants at universities, grade school and Cyprus Community Media Centre.
Watch stories from the 2010 Nicosia workshops on YouTube -- Playlists on right: 1. ALL Stories; others organized by institution.

Workshop at Sidestreets, Nicosia Cyprus, 2008
Digital Stories created during workshop at Sidestreets Educational and Cultural Initiatives, Ltd., Nicosia.
Watch stories from the 2008 Nicosia workshop on YouTube -- Select Playlist on right: "Digital Storytelling Workshop at Sidestreets"

Information about the Digital Storytelling workshop at Sidestreets October/November 2008.
Student Digital Stories
Watch stories (Menlo College) -
- student stories on the MassCommTV channel on YouTube. Select Playlist on right: "Digital Storytelling" Digital Stories created by undergraduate students. Fostering self-reflexivity as a part of a critical pedagogy within media production.

The Center for Digital Storytelling
Watch Stories (CDS)
Watch featured digital stories from CDS workshops, curated by the Center for Digital Storytelling.

KQED TV's  Digital Storytelling Initiative
Watch Stories (KQED)
Watch a wide variety of digital stories -- from children to seniors, various contexts.
Note the "Family and Community" stories on the bottom left list.
Additional Viewing Sites and Projects

BBC's "Telling Lives: Your Digital Stories" : 
A project of the British Broadcasting Corporation. In particular, visit "Capture Wales" (link on left of the BBC page) which started digital storytelling in the UK and the BBC.

"Silence Speaks" Project: 
A project of the Center for Digital Storytelling, "in support of healing and violence prevention."

South African Digital Stories:
A project of the Center for Digital Storytelling with South African EngenderHealth’s “Men as Partners” (MAP) initiative and the “Silence Speaks” project.

CHYME Digital Stories: 
(Community Histories by Youth in the Middle East)
Digital Storytelling was a part of a project with the Slifka Program in Intercommunal Coexistence, a program of The International Center for Ethics, Justice, and Public Life, Brandeis University

Stories for Change
On-line meeting place for digital storytelling facilitators and advocates to share resources and stories.

Dana Atchley's Next Exit:
Archived works of the late performance artist and digital storyteller.