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White Papers  2002

"Rethinking Access Philosophy"

Conference Papers & Schedule
ACM 2002
July  10-13 Houston, Texas

(and related CMR articles)

This track explores and challenges long-held beliefs in access. One session features a single presenter focusing on a particular concept within access, using an interactive format. Philosophical and introspective approaches are used by presenters and session participants from the worlds of community media and academics. Research collaborations between access facilities and scholarly researchers are examined.

Many of the White Paper presentations are related to articles from the CMR issue,
"Rethinking Access Philosophy" (25.2,  Summer 2002)
These presentations are linked to pdf files of the CMR articles.

The session papers below are in the pdf file format.
To open them you will need to download the free
Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Thursday, July 11    10-11:30am
White Paper Session #1: White Paper Presentation
This White Paper session addresses philosophical or self-reflexive aspect of access - as we look to the future. Ideas are presented and then open for discussion by session participants.
Moderator: John W. Higgins, Menlo College, Atherton California

"First Come, First Served: Last One Standing"
Dirk Koning, Executive Director, Community Media Center, Gand Rapids, Michigan


Thursday, July 11    2-3:30pm
White Paper Session #2: "Philosophical Issues, Policy Implications"
This session continues discussion from the first White Paper session, exploring basic tenets of access philosophy.
Moderator: John W. Higgins, Menlo College, Atherton California

"Why Centers Abandon First Come, First Served"
Pat Garlinghouse, Executive Director, Houston MediaSource
Paul Congo, Executive Director, Access Monterey Peninsula, California

"Where in the World is U.S. PEG?"
Dee Dee Halleck, Professor Emeritus, Univ. of California San Diego


Thursday, July 11    10-11:30am
White Paper Session #3: "Building Collaborations: Academia And Access"
This White Paper session discusses recent scholarly research related to access, and explores collaborations between access and academia.

"Integrating Teaching and Educational Cable"
Robert Huesca
, Associate Professor, Dept. of Communication, Trinity University,
San Antonio, Texas
"Virtual Public Access: Has the Internet Eliminated the Need for Public Access Television?"
Laura R. Linder, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Broadcasting & Cinema,
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
"Community and Localism in American Thought and Media Policy"
Bill Kirkpatrick, PhD Candidate, University of Wisconsin at Madison
"Which First Amendment are You Talking About?"
John W. Higgins, Associate Professor, Dept. of Mass Communication, Menlo College,
Atherton California


Additional Resources
from the CMR issue "Rethinking Access Philosophy" (Summer 2002)

"Communication Bridges" by Elliot Margolies "A Guide to Philosophical Discussions of Community Media" by John W. Higgins "Selected Resources for the Access Practitioner/Philosopher" "Re-thinking 'Access': Cultural Barriers to Public Access Television" by Bill Kirkpatrick (White Paper 2001, edited for publication)


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Additional Resources (includes papers from "Our Media" international conferences on alternative media -- Washington DC 2001 & Barcelona 2002)


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