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"Rethinking Access Philosophy" issue of
Community Media Review
, Summer 2002
[pdf, 36MB]


Which First Amendment are You Talking About?"   [pdf 4.4 MB]
A Guide to Philosophical Discussions of Community Media.Community Media Review. Summer 2002.  [pdf 2.79 MB]
"The Praxis of Axis: Access and Global Activism," by John W. Higgins. In Community Media Review--25 Years (Summer 2001); reprinted CMR Winter 2004-2005. [pdf, 496KB]


"Community Media Review--25 Years" issue of
Community Media Review
, Summer 2001
[pdf, 56.4MB]


The Alliance for Community Media
(ACM, formerly National Federation
of Local Cable Programmers)
All available issues of Community Media Review, published by the Alliance for Community Media (ACM) are located at:
ACM 2003 Conference
Tacoma WA
Includes paper from White Paper session
ACM 2002 Conference
Houston TX
Includes papers from White Paper sessions and articles from the CMR issue "Rethinking Access Philosophy" (Summer 2002).
ACM 2001 Conference
Washington DC.
Includes paper from White Paper session.


About the ALLIANCE FOR COMMUNITY MEDIA (ACM): A nonprofit, national membership organization founded in 1976, the Alliance represents the interests of over 1,000 public, educational and governmental ("PEG") access organizations and public access internet centers throughout the country. It also represents the interests of an estimated 1.5 million individuals, through their local religious, community, charitable and other groups, who utilize PEG access television centers and Internet providers to speak to their memberships and their larger communities.

WHITE PAPERS within the ACM are discussions focusing on philosophical aspects of public, educational, or governmental access; community media; alternative media; democratization of the media; access and activism; international community media; etc.  Of special interest are submissions that include a self-reflexive analysis of basic access tenets, critiquing access philosophical underpinnings (e.g., the notion of "first come, first served"), or comparing the tenets and traditions of US community media with alternative media in other parts of the world. Other works dealing with access or media democracy in general are also appreciated.

Papers are presented in White Paper sessions at the national conference of the Alliance for Community Media (ACM) and may be published in the ACM's publication, the Community Media Review.  At least one White Paper session involves a single presenter developing a topic, with significant time for discussion.

Papers and essays submitted for White Paper sessions are evaluated according to their importance to access practice and philosophy; contribution to the knowledge base of community media; interest to an audience of access practitioners, academics, and other involved groups; conceptualization; and the clarity of presentation. The sessions include a significant amount of interaction with session participants.

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