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White Papers  2003

“Access and the Global Community Media Landscape"

Conference Paper& Schedule
ACM 2003
July  9-12 Tacoma Washington

WHITE PAPERS within the ACM are discussions focusing on philosophical aspects of public, educational, or governmental access/community media/alternative media, democratization of the media, self-reflexive analysis of basic access tenets, access and activism, international community media, etc. A single presenter, focuses on a particular concept, engaging session participants with an interactive format. Presenters are chosen through competitive submissions.

For this year's session, we requested submissions focusing on global issues surrounding community-based, alternative media (e.g., the World Summit on the Information Society and the role of civil society in national and global movements toward the democratization of communication), or comparing the tenets and traditions of US community media with alternative media in other parts of the world. Other works dealing with access or media democracy in general were also appreciated.

Saturday, July 12, 2:15-4:15pm, Executive Board Room

"The Satellite Bridge Across the Digital Divide"  (Paper available as pdf file* or rtf document)
DeeDee Halleck, Professor Emeritus, Univ. of California San Diego
**Email: dhalleck @ weber.ucsd.edu

Moderator: John W. Higgins, Menlo College, Atherton California; VP Board of Directors, San Francisco Community TV Corporation
**Email: jhiggins @ menlo.edu

(* To open the pdf file you will need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader)

(** Email addresses are typed in here in a format to hinder automatic "farming" of email addresses by spammers)

Book Cover: Hand Held Visions

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OURMedia / NUESTROSMedios network of global alternative media groups meeting annually (www.ourmedianet.org).
(Includes papers from "Our Media" international conferences on alternative media -- Washington DC 2001, Barcelona 2002, and Barranquilla 2003)

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